Men’s doubles

On the third day of competition of the 5th World Bowling Championship for the Deaf, the doubles competitions began. With a total of 54 teams in two groups, the qualification stretched into the afternoon. The first in the qualification, Sheng-Fu Hsieh and Chien-Hao Chen from Taiwan, were far ahead of the following French duo Frederic Delsol and Ludovic Bartout with almost 2,500 pins.

The two other teams that qualified for the semifinals were Ji Hong Park and Youn Ho Kim from Korea and another team from Taiwan, Kuang-Ming Kuo and Cheng-En Lin.

Making it to the final were the two duos that were already ahead in qualifying. Hsieh/Chen played against Delsol/Ludovic. Here the French showed superiority and won gold with 84 points ahead.

Park/Kim and Kuo/Lin shared third place.

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