After a change in the program, the men’s and women’s teams played simultaneously spread over two days. It became clear early on in the women’s competition that the favorites would again be ahead in the team competition. In the men’s competition, the team from the United Arab Emirates made it to the semifinals and qualified for their first medal.

They even beat the favored Koreans in the semifinals. In the final, they lost to the team from Chinese Taipei to take silver. Bronze was shared by Korea and France.

The women’s competition was again dominated by the strong Koreans, who entered the semifinals with a lead of more than 300 points.

Ukraine, Japan and Chinese Taipei also made it into the group of the last four. For Japan this meant the first save medal.

The Japanese women beat the team from Ukraine in the semifinals. Korea beat the team from Chinese Taipei in the semifinals. The East Asian final was once again won by the Koreans. Japan won silver, Ukraine and Taiwan bronze.

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